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It’s important to preserve the wine’s quality during the sea transport phase, that’s why using the container thermal blanket .. it’s cooler!

Florence, Siena and Venice: our Chinese customer, a beverage supplier, has decided to buy at some wineries located in these Italian provinces. These are also the pick up locations of our sea transport from Italy to China.

Before the great depature by sea transport, we collected the several pallets at the hub in Venice dedicated to our wine logistics services. Here we consolidated all the packages and arranged the container stuffing. To protect the wine from the summer hot temperature and from thermal shocks, we used the container insulation blanket. The cover against temperature fluctuations allows to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and the integrity of the product.

Providing a good wine logistics service is very important: the excellence of the Italian wine exported abroad also depends on its preservation during all transport phases (sea transport, storage at terminal..)

Once ended the wine logistics job at the warehouse, the container was ready to leave the port of Venice.

When it arrives at Zhuhai Port, in Guangdong province, our Chinese beverage supplier will be able to sell to his customers the original taste of the Italian wine .


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