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Wine shipping from Italy to China: what are the required documents for the import customs clearance in China?

An important appointment in the wine sector, and consequently also with the wine logistics, had just started: the first Vinexpo Shanghai will take place from 23 to 25 October 2019 at the Expo World Exhibition Center & Convention in Shanghai (SWEECC). The participation of many Italian wineries confirms how much Italian wine is appreciated by Chinese buyers.

When talking about exportations of wine from Italy to China, we “come on the scene”: the wine logistics services are one of our specialities. But let’s focus on the customs clearance in China: depending on the agreed incoterm, the customs clearance will be on behalf of the Italian exporter or the Chinese importer. In any case, what are the required documents to import wine in China?

  • the importer must be in possess of a valid wine import Business License
  • sales contract
  • commercial invoice
  • packing list
  • treatment certificate
  • origin certificate
  • bottling certificate
  • certificate of free sale/health certificate
  • analysis report (in English & Chinese)
  • label (front label & back label)
  • front label & Back label Chinese translation
  • shipper record
  • bill of lading

Thanks also to the agreements with our Chinese freight forwarding partners specialized in the wine logistics, we can offer you a complete service from the pick up at the Italian winery’s warehouse to the final delivery.


About Vinexpo Shanghai

Vinexpo Shanghai is hosting its maiden event in a booming market: by 2022, China will be the world’s leading importer of wines and spirits. After Vinexpo Hong Kong, Vinexpo is ramping up its presence in China and consolidating its links with the most dynamic market in the world. As a destination, Shanghai is recognised as a strategic import hub for mainland China.

There are countless quality opportunities for international brands seeking to compete with local spirits and wines. Over the next few years, a major transition from local to imported products is
expected to occur. (


Are you looking for a freight forwarder in Italy specialized in the wine logistics services and shipping from Italy to China? Here we are!

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