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“Good wine makes good cheer” .. and also good shipment!

When shipping wine internationally, what are the key elements for a successful delivery? The answer is very easy: good wine, documents for customs clearance and right wine storage during transportation!
Wine shipping we recently made to Dalian, China is a perfect example. It was counting excellent wine labels coming from several Italian regions, from Basilicata and Umbria up to Vicentino’s hills.
After collecting in our warehouse the pallets containing several types of red & white still wines, we have loaded the container and managed the export customs clearance. What are the necessary documents for a wine shipping to China? In general, the same ones required for a standard shipment of general cargo:

  • Sales invoice of the exporting company
  • If not present on the invoice, it is necessary to attach a packing-list indicating the number of packages, the gross and net weight
  • Customs export declaration

What about right wine storage during transportation? It’s important to avoid high temperatures and thermal shocks throughout the entire journey, from the container stuffing at the winery to the loading on the vessel, up to the final destination. The bottles of wine could travel towards opposit seasons, facing transhipments as well.

A way to preserve wine quality during the whole transit time is the reefer container, but also the thermal insulation blankets. These solutions are highly recommended especially for more sensitive wines, like the sparkling ones.

Every winery has different needs: for this reason we consider essential to pay close attention to our clients’ instructions and provide them a customized service.
The final goal of every wine shipping? Preserve and broadcast everywhere the original taste of the Italian wine.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any wine shipping to China and everywhere in the world. We will revert with our best container shipping rates!


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